Bridal Fashion Editorial | Nuovosi x Bastian Springer

Bridal Fashion Editorial – The Idea

I’m always looking for ways to be more creative. When my dear friend, Lisa König, and I decided to plan a creative shoot, we knew we wanted to dive into the fashion industry. Since we are wedding photographers we still wanted to stay in the wedding theme. Therefore we teamed up with Nuovosi – a more sustainable & modern bridal store – and Bastian Springer, a makeup artist in the fashion industry. I also loved working together with Lisa. We sometimes do weddings together and have grown to such a powerful team! We were also so lucky to get some accessories from Cherry and Muse. Take a look at their carefully cured collection!

The shoot

We started the bridal fashion editorial with our model Lena and two dresses. One of them was by the designer Kaviar Gauche – they are one one my favorites! The luxurious fabrics and modern designs of the dresses were truly captivating. We experimented with unique poses and angles, capturing Lena from various perspectives. The plain background we chose allowed us to truly focus on Lena and the stunning gowns. By combining the fashion aspects and weddings we were able to create images that were both fashion-forward and timeless.

Next, we took pictures of both Lena and Ilays together. Here we focused on mostly editorial poses, experimenting with different heights and angles. After that we shot some portraits with Ilays. Again, being really creative and stepping out of our comfort zone was most important to us.

In conclusion, our editorial bridal shoot with Nuovosi Bridal Store and Makeup Artist Bastian Springer was a creative experience that I definitely want to repeat. Our team was just incredible! I’m so thankful to get to work with such amazing creatives!

The team

Photography: Nele HM Fotografie & Lisa König
Bridal Store: Nuovosì
Models: Lena Marxkors & Ilays Raghe signed at Munich Models
Styling: Bastian Springer
Accessories: Cherry and Muse