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What matters most in my photography

This answer ist easy: You. You are the center of attention, but not in a cringe, overwhelming way more in a "you-dictate-how-this-goes"-kinda way. That means we are only doing things you're comfortable with and that feel true to you. The atmosphere I want to create for you is that you're being able to express yourself freely and just enjoy each others company and have a great time overall. Even though I only do minimal posing I will still guide you through our session and don't leave you hanging. Also I love to incorporate more editorial, arty pics for a more unique gallery.

modern, elegant, true to you

the small moments

Capturing your happiness after you said "I Do", your guests being in love, the nervousness shortly before the ceremony and your guest celebrating together - these are the pictures you're going to love forever.

Some stuff you need to know about me

I actually study for my degree

I'm obsessed with:

in media design

pasta & salty snacks

My favorite person is

Nothing makes me happier than

being near the ocean

my boyfriend

i always wear

I’m addicted to

planning unrealistic vacations

funny socks

My perfect hobby

fav pet

literally any pet

horse riding & crochet

tell me your vision!

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